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The aim of personal data management regulations (hereafter – Regulations) is to regulate personal data management in UAB “Platforma LT". The purpose of regulations – to foresee the main technical and data safety organizational means of personal data management and realization of data subject's rights.


1. The office employees must follow the principles of personal data management and protection while performing their duties and managing personal data.

2. Personal data is collected only according to the order set by law regulations, by receiving it directly from data subject, officially inquiring the subjects, who are qualified to manage and provide it, about the necessary information and connecting, on the grounds of agreements and law regulations, to the databases, registers and information systems storing particular data.

3. Personal data is preserved only for the period that is necessary for the purposes of data management. When personal data is no longer needed for the purposes of its management, it is destroyed, except for the data, which, according to the circumstances set by law, must be transferred to state archives.

4. UAB “Platforma LT" guarantees that all the necessary information for the data subject is presented in a clear and apprehensive way.

5. According to the circumstances and order set by law regulations, UAB “Platforma LT" can provide the personal data, which it manages, to the third party.

6. Personal data protection from accidental or illegal data corruption, change, display, and from any other illegal management is guaranteed by performing proper organizational and technical means.


1. Personal data is managed and provided to corresponding institutions according to personal data legal protection law of the Republic of Lithuania and other laws and regulations of the Republic of Lithuania.

2. Data manager collects and uses data subject's personal data, which he presents using Data manager services, according to the order and for the purposes set by these Regulations.

3. Data subject agrees, by using the services of Data manager, for the given data to be managed for the indicated purposes of data collection and usage.

4. UAB “Platforma LT" manages and stores personal data for the purpose of making and performing agreements with clients for paying, client identification and direct marketing.

5. UAB “Platforma LT" manages this data subject's personal data: name, surname, national identification number, date of birth, place of residence (address), telephone number, email address, ID (passport) number, date and place of release, name of workplace, numbers of bank account, IP address, payment cards' information (expiration date, PIN number, CVV code, cards' numbers, card type).

6. Data subject's personal data is stored in the databases managed by UAB “Platforma LT".

7. If data subject's personal data is changed or if there are inaccuracies of the data, these data subjects must notify UAB “Platforma LT" in written form immediately. Authorized employees of UAB “Platforma LT" immediately update and/or correct the data in the corresponding databases. All the provisions of these Regulations apply to the management of the changed personal data.

8. Data provision for data recipients. Authorized employees of UAB “Platforma LT" can provide the users of payment services and electronic money with data subject's personal data.

9. UAB "Platforma LT" has a right to forward user data to 3rd parties to ensure provision of services.


1. To know (be informed) about your personal data management.

2. To get acquainted with your personal data and how it is managed.

3. Demand your personal data to be corrected or destroyed. Suspend your personal data management operations when the data is managed without complying with the provisions of the Republic of Lithuania personal data legal protection law.

4. The right not to agree with personal data being managed.

5. The right to change your personal data.

All the notifications, related with personal data management, are to be sent for the data manager by email support@igehub.lt or by post address UAB “Platforma LT", Didzioji st. 23, LT-01128 Vilnius, the Republic of Lithuania.


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